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Useful "Social Engineering" resources

Article ID: 167
Last updated: 17 Mar, 2015

SMS services:

It has an API, so it could be implemented in other tools. Messages are sent writing a URL and fulfilling some arguments:


Easier to manage than Nexmo, directly available from Web interface. API also available.

URL shortener:


Linux distribution with security testing tools.

Blog and Podcast.

  • Other:
    • GooScan (http://www.aldeid.com/wiki/Gooscan): automatic google searching.
    • SiteDigger (http://www.mcafee.com/es/downloads/free-tools/sitedigger.aspx): from McAfee; like GooScan but also searching in Google cache and revealing vulnerabilities.
    • OsintStalker (FBStalker & GeoStalker): Collecting info about a person from social network profiles.
    • Cree.py: get locations, dates, etc from social network accounts.
    • Theharvester: search people/companies information using search engines and social networks.
Article ID: 167
Last updated: 17 Mar, 2015
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