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Terminal commands

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Last updated: 25 Feb, 2015


A list of useful commands for troubleshooting operations.


  • The service restarted from the Windows Services tool doesn’t restart the dependent services.


Database configuration:

  • rcs-db-config

In order to change any user password:

  • rcs-db-config -R admin

In order to view the content of the db log file:

  • rcs-db-log

Database statistics:

  • rcs-db-stats


  • rcs-db-license -n [licenseName]
  • e.g. rcs-db-license -n LICENSE-1952843504-v9.2.lic

In order to change the server name:

  • rcs-db-config -n [newName]
  • e.g. rcs-db-config -n rcsbackend

Worker statistics:

  • rcs-worker-stats

Worker queue:

  • rcs-worker-queue

Collector configuration:

  • rcs-collector-config

Collector statistics:

  • rcs-collector-stats

Collector queue:

  • rcs-collector-queue

Collector log:

  • rcs-collector-log


  • rcs-carrier-stat


  • rcs-[serviceName]-diagnostic (db or collector)
  • Creates a ZIP file containing logs and info.

In order to repair Mongo DB if it is corrupted:

  1. stop the services;
  2. create a backup;
  3. run the command rcs-db-mongo-repair
  4. restart the services in this order:

a. Master Config;
b. Master Shard;
c. Master Router;
d. all other.

Log analysis benefits

Component    Logs analysis is useful in order to:
 Master Node  Check for problems in RCS Console.
 Collector  Check for the data transmitted by the agent.
 Carrier  Check for the data transmitted to the shards and Master Node.
 Module OCR  Check for any delays in the indexing of extracted contents.
 Module Translate  Check for any delays in the contents translation.
 Network Controller  Check the status of Network Injector or Anonymizer.
 Network Injector  Check the run operations.
 Anonymizer  Check the data stream ingoing from the agent.

Article ID: 19
Last updated: 25 Feb, 2015
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