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Remote Control System 9.5.2

Article ID: 94
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2015

TAG: 2014120803

Date: 02/02/2015

What’s new in Remote Control System Update 9.5.2

Agent (Windows)

  • Enhancements AV evasion.
  • Fixed the retrieving of gmail data from IE11.

Agent (Android)

  • Enhancements AV evasion.
  • Mic enhancements.
  • Better persistency and uninstall support.
  • Fixed the duplication of messages in Whatsapp and Wechat.


  • Fixed an infinite loop that caused the console to hang when showing the audit log.


  • Fixed the export of "only marked for report" evidence.



Article ID: 94
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2015
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