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Remote Control System 9.3

Article ID: 100
Last updated: 25 Feb, 2015

TAG: 2014063001

Date: 11/12/2014

What’s new in Remote Control System Update 9.3

Agent (Windows)

  • New installation method: persistent install, format resistant.
  • Download and filesystem feature added to the Soldier agent.

Agent (Linux)

  • Improved key logger module.

Agent (Android)

  • Chat module: added support for Telegram.
  • Mic module: improved.

Network Injector

  • Ability to enable/disable rules via graphical interface.
  • Firewire unlock.


  • Usability enhancements: back and forward navigation.
  • Better bandwidth usage for screenshot, camera evidence.


  • New federal correlation: correlation from different RCS systems geographically distributed.
  • New utility: rcs-db-status to view the status of the system from command line.
  • New utilities: rcs-db-diagnostic and rcs-collector-diagnostic.
  • New utility: rcs-db-export to export evidence from command line.
  • Better evidence exporting template.
  • Speed improvement on filesystem, filecap and fileopen.
  • Various bugfix.



Article ID: 100
Last updated: 25 Feb, 2015
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