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Remote Control System 9.2.3

Article ID: 101
Last updated: 25 Feb, 2015

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What’s new in Remote Control System Update 9.2.3

Agent (Windows)

  • Invisibility enhancements for various AV.
  • Fix for retrieving Google/Gmail accounts.

Agent (Android)

  • Improved Skype audio quality.
  • Fix for Facebook chat.


  • Usability improvements.


  • Files opened/captured on removable drives now appear in the filesystem section.
  • Improved memory handling on offline USB creation.
  • Fixed a race condition on upgrade+rename of an agent.
  • Fixed a bug that could corrupt evidence when moving agents or targets between operations.
  • Fixed a bug that prevents an "archive" server to store an evidence with attachments (e.g. screenshot).
  • Fixed a bug that prevents the RCS Console to login into an "archive" server.
  • Alerts are now correctly updated when moving an agent from a target to another.



Article ID: 101
Last updated: 25 Feb, 2015
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