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RITE: Windows Functional Social Daily Test

Article ID: 116
Last updated: 12 May, 2015


The Windows Functional Social procedure.



► Phase A - Setup

1. create a new user on the target PC. Remember that using a Virtual Machine is not possible without server modifications;

2. install all Important, Recommended and Optional Windows updates and reboot the system;

3. install the desired version of the chosen browser (updates are not done automatically by the automatic test system, so be sure to test manually the same version used by automatic tests);

4. check Internet connection by using the browser;

5. login the server with a user who has all the roles enabled and is member of the group test. This group must be enabled to manage the Operation AOP_Test;

6. delete completely the operation by holding the shift key, then recreate it and create also a target inside it;

7. create a new Desktop factory and import the attached file config_desktop.json as configuration. Remember to set the anon in the sync module to one anon of the test server. Since we use an Elite, it is possible to use the provided advanced configuration.

!!! ⇒ About configuration, remember that the position is enabled and so it consumes Google Api quota.

► Phase B - Build and run


    [For ELITE test]:

  • build a Silent Installer Elite agent (already upgraded to Elite) and save the ZIP file. License must be enabled for Elite build.

    [For SOLDIER test]:

  • build a Silent Installer Soldier agent and save the ZIP file. License must be enabled for Soldier build. Automatic tests generate an already upgraded Soldier executable. For manual test is required to upgrade the agent to Soldier during test.

2. copy the downloaded ZIP file from RCS downloads to the target (the destination folder is C:\AVTest\AVAgent\build.zip);

3. extract the agent into the folder C:\AVTest\build\windows_elite\ or C:\AVTest\build\windows_elite\ for Soldier (create the folder if necessary);

4. create a copy of each extracted file by using the name %s.copy.exe and verifying that no copy error occurs due to AV detection;

5. wait for 15 seconds;

6. check that each extracted file or file copy is still present;

7. run the agent:

    [For Elite]

  • C:\AVTest\build\windows_elite\agent.exe

    [For Soldier]

  • C:\AVTest\build\windows_soldier\agent.exe

!!! ⇒ In automatic tests the execution is launched by python.exe, so the behaviour may differ.

8. wait for 60 seconds.

► Phase C - Browser/Skype execution

    [For Elite and Soldier Facebook]:

1. launch the chosen browser and open http://www.facebook.com/ (in automatic test, python.exe launches a BAT with the command explorer.exe http://www.facebook.com/). The user has to be logged in, with the password saved and the Keep me logged in option enabled. Also the Facebook user needs to have some friends (for addresbook) and some chat content;

2. wait for 60 seconds;

3. press some keys for 40 seconds;

4. wait for 60 seconds;

5. press some keys for 40 seconds;

6. wait for 120 seconds;

7. press some keys for 40 seconds;

    [For Elite Skype]:

1. make a call to the Skype Echo/Sound Test Service (in automatic test, python.exe launches a BAT with the command c:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" "skype:echo123);

2. wait for 300 seconds.

► Phase D - Final Check

1. wait for 60 seconds;

2. check that a new instance is present, with these evidences types:

    [For Elite and Soldier Facebook]:

  • device;
  • url;
  • screenshot;
  • chat (program = facebook);
  • addressbook (program = facebook).

    [For Elite Skype]:

  • addressbook (program = skype);
  • call (program = skype).


Article ID: 116
Last updated: 12 May, 2015
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