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Position module

Article ID: 209
Last updated: 21 May, 2015


Some notes about the Google geolocation service used to process information obtained by the position module (cell phone, IP address) are summarised below.



  • The actual number of daily requests available to the customer is set within the license file (under the heading gapi); the default value is 100, but it could be increased if different economic agreements are reached.
  • The gapi file in the directory C:\RCS\DB\config\ identifies the number of made requests.

!!! ⇒ Don’t tell the customers that they can delete it, otherwise the daily counter starts from 0 and, if they find out, they can do more than 100.

  • The config.yaml file in the directory C:\RCS\DB\config\ (under the heading POSITION) identifies whether the service is active or not. You have to edit this file (setting GOOGLE_API_KEY: <key>) if the customer has signed his own subscription to Google services.
  • If the maintenance has expired, the service will not be available unless the customer has signed its own subscription.
  • In the database log (in debug mode) you can display the number of requests made to the service and position information processing.

!!! ⇒ The number of requests can be seen also when debug mode is off, using the command rcs-db-stats (that shows the requests made in the past weeks, days and hours).

Article ID: 209
Last updated: 21 May, 2015
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