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Persistent installation

Article ID: 138
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2015


This procedure has been tested only on ASUS X550C and Dell Latitute E6320.


  • USB drive with 2 GB of memory or more, formatted with FAT or FAT32;

  • Target Requirements:

    • CPU Intel i3/i5/i7 (2nd 3th and 4th generation);

    • BIOS UEFI;

    • vulnerable firmware for installation.


Follow these steps:

1. extract the content of ZIP file into USB drive;

2. connect your USB drive to target computer and turn it on;

3. press F12 to change boot device and select UEFI Boot from menu;

4. if, Secure Boot blocks the boot from USB storage, please disable Secure Boot from BIOS Setup Utility;

5. after booting from device, wait 5 seconds for autorun, or run software from EFI Shell

fs0: <ENTER>  (the device may have another label on your system)


6. please follow instructions on monitor for install/uninstall the agent.

Article ID: 138
Last updated: 11 Mar, 2015
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installation agent persistence

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