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Periodic update of the template

Article ID: 205
Last updated: 12 May, 2015


This procedure is to be used periodically to keep updated the template used for creating the virtual machines to be added to the test system (Rite). In particular, it is recommended to update the template each time you add the necessary libraries to the execution of AVAgent and periodically in order to install the latest update of the system.


  • vSphere Web Client credentials;

  • AVAgent Template to be updated.

How to convert from Template to Virtual Machine:

1. log in to vSphere Web Client (;

2. in the section vCenter/Templates, right click on the template and select Convert to Virtual Machine;

3. select the cluster node and the datastore where to save the virtual machine.

How to update the Virtual Machine:

1. in the settings, ensure that the VLAN is VM Network;

2. power on the virtual machine;

3. update the operating system through the command wuauclt /UpdateNow;

4. install all the required python libraries (pip, pypm or easy_install);

5. power off the virtual machine.

How to convert from Virtual Machine to Template:

1. in the section vCenter/Virtual Machines, right click on the virtual machine and select Convert Virtual Machine to Template.

Article ID: 205
Last updated: 12 May, 2015
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