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Mount external drives for backup

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Last updated: 11 Jun, 2015


When there is an external storage, you mount the volume as C:\RCS\DB\backup and the backup fails with an error message like Backup already exist. As advised by Alor, it is a known issue from 8.4.1 because of the update to MongoDB.


  • The issue is within the new version of MongoDB which seems not to be able to use directly a directory that is mounted on external storage.


In order to mount the external driver:

1. mount the volume as some drive letter, e.g. F:\;

2. download the Juntion tool from Microsoft (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/bb896768.aspx);

3. link F:\ drive to C:\RCS\DB\backup with a symbolic link;

  • junction f: C:\RCS\DB\backup

4. test backup again to see if successful.

Another solution is:

1. create a subfolder inside C:\RCS\DB\backup, let's name it C:\RCS\DB\backup\backup;
2. configure the backup to use that directory with

  • rcs-db-config -B C:\RCS\DB\backup\backup

Unable to configure backup to Z:\

In our technical requirements document, for backup we recommend customers to have a SAN or NAS. However, backup will not work if its mounted as a network shared drive (e.g. SMB of NFS) since:

  • RCS DB runs as a service with the permission of System;
  • user mounted network share cannot be seen by the system and it requires user to login first; this is a problem if the system is rebooted without user login.

In order to overcome this issue, we just need to create a task in the task scheduler. Everything can be left in its default, just take note of these specific settings:

  • General ⇒ run using system account;
  • Triggers ⇒ at startup;
  • Actions ⇒ run the batch file in c:\map_backup_drive.bat;
  • Conditions ⇒ start only if there is any network connection.
  • Settings ⇒ If task fail, restart every 1 min for up to 3 times, stop task if it runs longer than 1 hour. Do not start new instance.

With respect to the above settings:

  1. create the batch file to run net use z: \\\share /persistent:yes. Change the IP address according to the share drive;
  2. ensure that the share can be read and write by everyone.


Attached files are the task that you can import directly into the task scheduler and the batch file.

Article ID: 24
Last updated: 11 Jun, 2015
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