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Master node configuration

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Last updated: 25 Feb, 2015


Setup is run through some utilities in the Windows command prompt in folder C:\RCS\DB\bin or
C:\RCS\Collector\bin (based on the type of installation).



Utility command syntax is the following:

  • rcs-db-config -x AAA


  • -x: selected option
  • AAA: entered value

For prompt diagnostics, support service can request additional commands to be launched. For the correct syntax, enter:

  • rcs-db-config --help

To edit... Enter:
 ...the Master Node name/IP address
  • rcs-db-config -n Name -g
  • rcs-db-config -n IPaddress -g

 Result: certificates are updated and appear in folder \RCS\DB\config\certs. Collector settings must also be edited.

 ...the system user password
  • rcs-db-config -R Username
 Result: the new password is requested and saved in the database. This operation automatically renews the password expiration date.
 ...backup folder
  • rcs-db-config -B Folder
 Result: all subsequent backup files are saved in the new folder.
 ...outgoing mail server settings for alert e-mails
  • rcs-db-config -M -server HostName:PortNumber
 Result: set the outgoing main server name and port to be used.
  • rcs-db-config -from senderEmail
  Result: set the alert e-mail sender's address (i.e. "alert@myplace.com").
  • rcs-db-config -user UserName
 Result: set the e-mail sender's user name.
  • rcs-db-config -pass Password
 Result: set his password.
  • rcs-db-config -auth AuthenticationType
  Result: set the type of authentication to be used (plain, login or cram_md5).

Article ID: 25
Last updated: 25 Feb, 2015
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