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Inspect the server logs (backend or frontend)

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Last updated: 18 Feb, 2015


BareTail, an application that lets you immediately view the content of several log files, is included in the RCS installation.



To run BareTail, enter:

  • rcs-db-log
  • rcs-collector-log

You can specify the module log you want to see by using the -n option.

To check only the workers log do the following:

rcs-db-log -n worker

Log file content

Each record is identified by one of the following levels of severity:

  • Fatal ⇒ RCS is not running and requires service (i.e.: no settings, no certificates).
  • Error ⇒ There is a component error but RCS can guarantee main service coverage (i.e.: Master Node not running).
  • Debug ⇒ It only appears if enabled upon support service indication, increases and provides more details on log records to resolve problems.
  • Info ⇒ Information note.

Log analysis benefits

  • Master Node ⇒ Check for problems in RCS Console.
  • Collector ⇒ Check for the data transmitted by the agent.
  • Carrier ⇒ Check for the data transmitted to the shards and Master Node.
  • Module OCR ⇒ Check for any delays in indexing of extracted contents.
  • Module Translate ⇒ Check for any delays in the contents translation.
  • Network Controller ⇒ Check the status of Network Injector or Anonymizer.
  • Network Injector ⇒ Check the run operations.
  • Anonymizer ⇒ Check the data stream ingoing from the agent.

Article ID: 26
Last updated: 18 Feb, 2015
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