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How to install a new AV

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Last updated: 12 May, 2015


This procedure is to be used whenever you need to support a new antivirus in the automated test system (Rite). The following describes, through the vSphere Web Client, the steps required to add a virtual machine.


  • the installer of the antivirus you want to add;

  • VSphere Cluster Rite credentials;

  • AVAgent from which you want to do the deploy.

Deploy the virtual machine:

1. log in to vSphere Web Client (;

2. in the section vCenter/Templates, choose the template from which you want to create the virtual machine, right click on it and select Deploy VM From Template;

3. follow the instructions for creating a virtual machine;

4. when asked, run the hardware and software customization;

5. choose Win 7 or Win 8 template configuration in order to automatically configure the virtual machine.

Antivirus installation:

1. power on the virtual machine;

2. update the operating system (run the command wuauclt /UpdateNow);

3. enable the autologin option (run the script update_reg.bat that is on the Desktop);

4. register the operating system (if required);

5. copy the installer from your PC to the Rite share via smb or ssh (IP:, usr: smbusr, psw: smbpasswd123);

6. get access to the share from the virtual machine, find the installer and install the antivirus;

7. power off the virtual machine;

8. save a snapshot.

AVAgent installation:

1. run the procedure INIT_UPDATE_MANUAL from Rite Master;

2. power off the virtual machine;

3. run the procedure FINALIZE_UPDATE_MANUAL from Rite Master in order to save the new snapshot;

4. change bios serial number:

  • log in to the vCenter node that hosts the virtual machine;
  • open the .vmx configuration file from /vmfs/volumes/<DATASTORE NAME>/<VM NAME>/<VM NAME>.vmx  and set the first 8 bytes of the uuid.bios string to "aa":

 uuid.bios = "aa aa aa aa aa aa aa aa-56 45 14 24 c8 64 f4 d3"

  • log off the node.

5. add the virtual machine name in Rite/AVCommon/commands/meta/VM_ALL.py.

Article ID: 204
Last updated: 12 May, 2015
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