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Detailed 9.6 changelog

Article ID: 171
Last updated: 31 Mar, 2015


  • Multimedia chat support.
  • Facebook checkins are saved as positions and correlated in the intelligence.
  • Photo module support for correlation with Facebook checkins.
  • Accuracy of Wi-Fi positioning is cut of at 5 km.
  • Hosts file is cleaned up on startup (only one CN entry).
  • Users are now automatically disabled after 5 login attempts.
  • Audit log reports the IP address of the login attempts.
  • Support for multi handle addressbook evidence.
  • OCR module is now included in the main installer package.
  • OCR module can now be enabled or disabled on all the shards with the command rcs-db-config.
  • Support filesystem evidence coming from a cloud drive.
  • When a backup job fails an alerting email is sent.
  • When MongoDB is down, rcs-db-diagnostic does not crash!


  • Scout can be executed from a ZIP file.
  • Better vm recognition (it does not work in vm).
  • Facebook Photo.
  • Facebook Photo Tags, used later by Intelligence.
  • Facebook Check-in (POSITION).
  • Google Device (DEVICE).
  • Google Drive (FILE).
  • Bug fix for Yahoo.
  • ELITE: Skype ACL.


  • Chat module: messages + attachments.
  • OSX versions: from 10.7 to 10.10.
  • Bug fix for Contacts module.


  • GSM call added [4.1 ... 4.3].
  • Photo Module.
  • Photo grabbed in Whatsapp.
  • Bug fix in V2 Persistence uninstall.
  • OS 5 Root supported (not automatic)
  • Silent build gets the name after the "Application Name" field. It runs silently, if not "DEMO MODE"
  • BROKEN SUPPORT: BBM and Wechat.


  • Evidence info even when the flash is mounted USB.
  • MDS cell sync.



Support for:

  • CPU Intel x86-64bit 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation;
  • Chipset Sandy Bridge, Jaketown, Ivy Bridge, Ivytown, Bay Trail/Galileo.


Added many flash URLs:
1)  http://www.youtube.com (NO HTTPS)
2)  http://www.veoh.com
3)  http://www.metacafe.com
4)  http://www.dailymotion.com
5)  http://www.break.com
6)  http://www.youporn.com
7)  http://www.pornhub.com
8)  http://www.xhamster.com
9)  http://www.xvideos.com
10) http://www.porn.com
11) http://www.xnxx.com

Article ID: 171
Last updated: 31 Mar, 2015
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