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Anonymizer installation and configuration

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Last updated: 29 Jan, 2015


This procedure describes the installation of a new anonymizer.



In order to install a new anonymizer:

  1. from RCS Console, in the System section, click Frontend;

  2. select the Anonymizer;

  3. click Download installer. Result: the anon_install.zip installer file is generated and saved on the console desktop;
  4. connect to the VPS and verify it has at least Centos 6 (if there is Centos 5, before proceeding, please inform us in order to upgrade it to Centos 6);

  5. copy file anon_install.zip to a folder on the server;

  6. connect to the server, unzip the file and launch the installer by entering the command # sh install. Result: the Anonymizer is installed in server folder /opt/bbproxy;

  7. from RCS Console, in the System, Frontend section, select the Anonymizer and click Apply configuration. Result: the new configuration is sent to the Anonymizer by the Collector via the Anonymizer chain.

Article ID: 7
Last updated: 29 Jan, 2015
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