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Android doesn't root

Article ID: 180
Last updated: 02 Apr, 2015


This article describes what to do when an Android phone does not come rooted.



Look at the device evidence and check the cases:

  1. Root: NO SU: NO ⇒ The exploit did not work, there's nothing you can do.

  2. Root: NO - SU: YES ⇒ The exploit did not work and the agent did not obtain SU privileges. Probably the build was made without selecting the flag “Request user interaction” or the user refused the SU popup that gives root permissions to the backdoor.

!!! ⇒ Enabling the flag "Request user interaction" means that when there is "SU", the user is asked if he wants to give the root access to the agent. To be used only for physical installations.

Article ID: 180
Last updated: 02 Apr, 2015
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