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After installing the CA Root certificate, RCS console shows this error message: “The application cannot be installed due to a certificate problem”.

Maybe the console version is quite old; in this case follow these steps:

  1. remove the application of RCS Console from Windows (Control panel/Uninstall a program);
  2. copy the Console package from the Database machine (from the path \RCS\DB\console);
  3. install the Console package on the machine where you use the Console.

See also: Remove and install RCS certificates installed in a wrong way

When customer tries to create a Vector Offline Installation (CD and USB), the error “Config marker not found: Sync host not found” happens.
  • This happens when customer configures the agent without a Sync action, probably because he will retrieve the evidences collected with the CD offline. In this case he can create a Sync action, without any event associated with it. The Sync action is mandatory otherwise the internal check will fail and prevent the creation of the Offline CD.

When exporting data from the intelligence module, the file type is in GraphML format. How can I analyze the exported .GRAPHML file? Is there a free GraphML tool that you recommend?
  • GraphML is an XML based file format for graphs. This kind of export is used when the graph you see in the "Intelligence" tab is grown in a way that you have to rely on graph algorithms to dig information out of it. For this kind of work we suggest to use a free open-source software called Gephi (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gephi).

Which RCS services/features are disabled when the maintenance license expires?

If the maintenance expires, the client can no longer:

  • use the Google service for processing the "POSITION" data;
  • build new agents;
  • upgrade the existing agents to new versions (customer will not receive new RCS releases).
  • agents that synchronize for the first time will not be created as "open" but as "queued". this implies that the evidence cannot be retrieved from new agent installation.