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During a remote support session for a customer I noticed that, at some stage in sync configuration, it was possible to choose as sync targets only two of the three available anonimizers in the infrastructure. How come?
  • Likely the not available anon was marked as BAD. If the anon version ends with 0000, then it is BAD.

Why the collector logs show “hack alert” warnings?
  • Collector logs show hack alert warnings every time an HTTP request is malformed. Usually they are caused by automatic scans run by bots looking for vulnerability on the network.


This is an example of document you can hand in to the clients.

The only documents you can hand in to the customers are the ones marked:
  • with the symbol <⦿> at the end of the title;

  • with the following mark placed within the article.

In the absence of above-mentioned symbols, you must NOT communicate any document to customers unless you are given officially the permission.